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Advanced RPM CCM Calculator

2022 RPM CPT Billing Codes

  • CPT 99453 (Service Initiation): $24.07 one-time charge
  • CPT 99454 (Data Transmission/Device): $69.98 every 30 days
  • CPT 99457 (Treatment Management Services – Monitoring for 20 minutes): $55.39 each month
  • CPT 99458 (Additional monitoring for 20 minutes X2): $44.59 each month
  • CPT 99091 (Analysis and Interpretation): $60.99 every 30 days

2022 CCM CPT Billing Codes

  • CPT 99490 (Initial 20 minutes of care): $48.65 each month
  • CPT 99491 (Initial 30 minutes of care): $96.40
  • CPT 99487 (Additional 60 minutes): $108.64 each month
  • CPT 99489 (Additional 30 minutes): $52.75 each month

Key Billing Notes

  • CPT codes 99487, 99489, and 99490 – Time spent directly by the billing practitioner or clinical staff counts toward the threshold clinical staff time required to be spent during a given month.
  • CPT code 99491 includes only time that is spent personally by the billing practitioner. Clinical staff time is not counted towards the required time threshold for reporting this code.
  • The billing practitioner cannot report both complex and regular (non-complex) CCM for a given patient for a given calendar month. In other words, a given patient receives either complex or non-complex CCM during a given service period, not both.
  • Do not report 99491 in the same calendar month as 99487, 99489, 99490.

All calculations are approximate and not a guarantee of income from using WeHealth RPM.

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