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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services for Providers


Deliver Better Care to Your Patients


Measure, Track, Analyze Real-Time Data


Increased Practice Revenue

RPM Software Devices

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Easily increase practice revenue by adding a virtual chronic managment program via our remote patient monitoring services and state of the art devices that help your practice deliver better care.

Engage with patients, improve health quality, get happy patients.

Your Potential RPM Revenue

All calculations are approximate and not a guarantee of income from using WeHealth RPM.

2023 RPM CPT Billing Codes

  • CPT 99453 (Service Initiation): $24.07 one-time charge
  • CPT 99454 (Data Transmission/Device): $69.98 every 30 days
  • CPT 99457 (Treatment Management Services – Monitoring for 20 minutes): $55.39 each month
  • CPT 99458 (Additional monitoring for 20 minutes X2): $44.59 each month
  • CPT 99091 (Analysis and Interpretation): $60.99 every 30 days

2023 CCM CPT Billing Codes

  • CPT 99490 (At least 20 minutes of clinical staff time): $48.65 each month
  • CPT 99491 Provided personally by a physician or other qualified health care professional (At least 30 minutes of care): $96.40
  • CPT 99487 Complex chronic care management services (Additional 60 minutes): $108.64 each month
  • CPT 99489 Clinical staff time (Each additional 30 minutes): $52.75 each month

**This RPM CCM revenue calculator uses critical care and staff vs. physician visit estimates to provide a very general potential revenue amount. To view more specific revenue calculations, use our Advanced RPM CCM Calculator.

Why Choose WeHealth RPM?


Virtual Call Center

With our virtual support, adding RPM to your practice is now easy. And you won’t need additional staff. The time commitment from the practitioner is less than 20 minutes per month. Our highly experienced RN’s are equipped to manage the most complex cases in healthcare. Each patient is assigned a dedicated and experienced RN that will monitor your patients’ daily vitals and ensuring compliance.


All-In-One RPM Telehealth Solution

We provide your patients with a state of the art HIPPA compliant smart phone with full cellular connectivity, 4G LTE, SMS and MMS, and many more service capabilities. Bluetooth enabled Blood Pressure Device, Pulse Oximeter, Digital Scale, and Glucose Monitor are also included. All devices seamlessly connect and provide a user friendly experience for all ages with no hassle.


Consistent Reimbursement Cycles

One of the most rewarding aspects of our RPM system is that the billing cycle is made easy and consistent with our accurate and timely reports. Our RPM services will significantly increase your practice income. Earn an additional $3,593.50 per patient annually from remote patient monitoring. With as little as 100 patients your practice can earn as much as $359,350 annually. With our CCM platform your annual receivables can increase by $583.80 per patient annually, for a total of $417,730 in additional annual income. 

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices
Each Patient Receives

Remote Patient Monitoring Device

Free Smart Phone

HIPPA compliant closed end phone with free LTE service.
Free phone number.
US and Canada calling/texting included.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Easily syncs with phone.
No setup required.
User friendly and accurate.

Glucose Monitor

Monthly supply of lancets and strips covered by most insurance.
Preconfigured for touchless access.

RPM Device Telehealth

Telehealth App

One tap telehealth app, touchless connectivity to all monitoring devices, location finder, fall alert, 24/7 nurse support.

Pulse Ox

Cypress CPU, enhances sensitivity and provides 99% acccuracy.
Seamlessly connects with WeHealth phone.


Bluetooth enabled digital scale.
250 lb weight capacity.
Designed for seniors and physically challenged.

View Vitals

Quickly view vitals for RPM and CCM patients.

Simple Billing

WeHealth simple billing increases your revenue and decreases time spent receiving payments.

CCM Dashboard

Access vital critical care management details for each patient at a glance.

Web Calling

Patient visits made easy with video calls.

CCM Reminders

Reminders make sure your patients stay on track with their care management. 

Increased Care for Your Patients.

Increased Revenue for Your Practice.

Monitor and Treat Your Patients Efficiently with Your Smart Phone

Our dedicated RN’s will manage multiple chronic conditions while providing your practice with real time documentation and events monitoring. You can easily track RN and patient progress right from your WeHealth app. Your practice will only need to provide the patients that need RPM-CCM services. Some of the chronic conditions approved by CMS include:




Multiple Falls






Cardiac Issues


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


Congestive Heart Failure




Weight Management/Obesity




Pain Management


Other Chronic Conditions

Remote Patient Monitoring: Better Care for Your Patients. More Revenue for Your Practice.

The WeHealth platform for payer and provider collaboration helps you monitor patient status and gives you a consistent program for monitoring patient care.

WeHealth RPM pulls data from patients wherever they are through our unique phone/monitoring device that keeps your patients engaged. This provides actionable insights to your staff for timely healthcare.

Female Patient Remote Monitoring

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Studies show patients’ and health care professionals’ enthusiasm to embrace remote patient monitoring devices. Remote patient monitoring systems promote a balanced approach to patient data safety that will foster the life-changing benefits of these devices.