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As the burdens of being a physician only increase with a larger number of patients, you’ll inevitably work longer hours for without revenue increasing at the same rate.

Doctors are also more susceptible to burnout especially with long term and chronic care patients.

Luckily, there is a solution out there that can not only help you return to the same standard of quality care you provide now, but also increase your revenue.

Remote Patient Monitoring services (RPM) allow you to easily increase your practice revenue by adding a virtual chronic care management program. You and your patients can easily communicate via video and tracking from monitoring devices that relay important health data.

When implemented on a large scale, RPM has the dramatic potential to reshape how healthcare operates in a more efficient manner.

As an incentive to help more clinicians engage in RPM, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have introduced five primary CPT codes for reimbursement in 2022.

CPT Code 99453

Upon initial set-up, you can use this code to be reimbursed for the time it takes to onboard and educate patients about the medical devices. While the code doesn’t cover the cost of the equipment itself, it will give you more flexibility when teaching patients who are less than tech savvy. You can also either invite your patient to visit your office or allow you to visit their home to provide a more hands-on training for activation.

CPT Code 99454

Once the patient is properly enrolled within the RPM system, that’s when the monthly service begins. Code 99454 is also known as the service code, which is primarily used to report the provision of the medical devices for health data and alert transmission. As you continually monitor the patient throughout their health journey, you can rely on this code to ensure that all their medical devices are supplied and working properly.

CPT Code 99457

This code helps out with the routine treatment management services that you provide for your patients. As long as you supply at least 20 minutes of interactive virtual care throughout each calendar month, you’re eligible to be reimbursed a total of $55.39 per month.

CPT Code 99458

This code considers the extra time you spend with patients to ensure their quality care. Your healthcare organization can take advantage of this code with every 20-minute increment. For instance, if you monitor your patient remotely for 40 minutes, you can utilize this code for the additional 20 minutes. Each month, that comes out to a total of $44.59 for reimbursement, or even double that amount if you have more than one patient.

CPT Code 99091

The very core of a great RPM service comes down to the effectiveness of the data that is relayed from the medical devices. That relies upon the time it takes for you as a doctor to carefully analyze the numbers and interpret them. Whether that involves ECG readings, blood pressure readings, glucose monitoring, or anything in between, your analysis can be covered by this convenient code. As long as you spend a minimum of 30 minutes per every 30 days making sense of the numbers, you can be

Physician Fee Schedule & Clarifications

In order to receive the reimbursements that these codes offer, CMS requires that the RPM of any patient must consist of at least 16 days of data within 30 days. When billed together, CPT Code 99453 produces a reimbursement of $24.07 and CPT Code 99454 offers an amount of $69.98 per every 30 days. Depending on where your practice is located, those numbers might vary.


Taking advantage of these codes to set up your remote patient monitoring systems will allow you to take far better care of the patients you oversee. In advancing the ideals of home healthcare, the potential to scale this technology is nothing short of unprecedented. To learn more about how much RPM revenue you could be generating, don’t hesitate to try out WeHealth’s calculator today. We look forward to helping you set up your first RPM system.