About WeHealth and Our Clinical Team

We are reshaping the healthcare industry, starting with Clinical Urgent Care. It was essential to collaborate across a variety of experienced, dedicated Medical Providers who truly understand the gaps in the traditional private Health Care System.

WeHealth was designed by New York City clinicians, and developed by top technologists to provide the most seamless, and convenient mobile clinical experience in the world. Our providers have Emergency Room Experience and can see Adults and Children.

We can prescribe Medication if medically necessary. We provide Unlimited visits to our patients, we are not here to nickel and dime you.

This is 21st Century Medicine in the palm of your hands.
No matter where you are in the world, we will always be here for you.

The WeHealth Story

With over 125 years of combined Clinical experience working and operating
Urgent Care Clinics throughout New York City. We have seen everything and know
how to take care of most Medical Issues.

Try our services. We are more than sure that you will be satisfied.

With more than 125 years of combined medical experience working in and owning 6 walk-in centers throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, the WeHealth team has spent their entire careers trying to improve the lives of our patients and the experiences they have when seeking medical attention.

WeHealth was initially born from this desire, as a simple mobile extension of our in-house clinic. We wanted to provide a simpler way for our patients to get in touch with our physicians even when they were not able to travel to our Urgent Care center in person.
Our patients quickly began to tout the WeHealth experience, telling us repeatedly that it provided a level of convenience and comfort they had never before seen. We decided then that we needed to bring WeHealth to the world.
Through months of discussions, development, research and rework, we perfected our subscription-based mobile and in-house clinical support system and began rolling it out to clinics all over the country.
Today, we are proud to say that WeHealth is being used by thousands of patients across the country to help analyze, diagnose and treat medical ailments ranging from GYN needs to minor check-ups to X-ray services, cardiology evaluations, podiatry, nutritionist consultations, allergy testing, vascular studies and hundreds of other procedures.

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